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A brief search online and you will uncover dozens of escort agencies for Istanbul, along with a number of websites belonging to independent escorts.

This page is for information, search for Escort-related communication in search engines, there is no escort on this site, it is a product sales site, all articles are for informational purposes, do not contact us for escort.

Due to the strict advertising rules in Turkey, we cannot promote these websites.

Sex in Istanbul

Whilst prostitution is legal in Istanbul, navigating safe places to find sex is important. The city has a lot of brothels and freelance prostitutes providing services in hotels and erotic massage parlours.

​Swinging Clubs

Swinging does take place in Istanbul but is a taboo subject and the lifestyle is not as popular. as in the rest of Europe. The government has blocked some swinging sites so it is increasingly difficult to hook up with other swinging couples. If you are trying to find local or visiting couples then your best chances of a private party are via connections made on sites like Adult Friend Finder, Fetlife or

Strip Clubs

There are no strip clubs anymore in Istanbul since the longstanding Regina Revue was closed in 2011. Formerly providing cabaret style entertainment with strip shows, the Regina Revue was the last such venue in the city.

There are places which crop up around the city that purport to offer strip entertainment but these are often notorious scams. Staffed by women who gyrate fully clothed around poles, tourists are charged exorbitantly high prices for food and drink with no flesh on show.

Sex Shops

There are dozens of istanbul sex shop in Istanbul, all mainly supplying standard bedroom sex aids. They are popular with locals as well as tourists and are generally in quite open areas and not shady back streets.


The largest city in Turkey, Istanbul lies to the north of the country and falls in the south-eastern edge of Europe. Home to around 15 million people and entertaining a further 10 million tourists, Istanbul is the only city in the world that straddles two continents. It is a culturally rich metropolis and was the heart of ancient empires from the Roman to the Ottoman.

Formerly known as Constantinople, the city is a diverse blend of East and West with rich and colourful buildings, bazaars and people. Whilst the heart of Istanbul lies firmly in its traditional Turkish roots, it is also welcoming of the modern trappings of the west. It is a fascinating place to spend time and you can find an array of diversions to entertain you, day and night.

In this guide, we take a look at the more adult side of the city.

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Istanbul Escorts Guide

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Istanbul Escorts Guide
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