The Best Remote Control Vibrators

The Best Remote Control Vibrators (Reviewed by experts)

In this article, we did our best to provide the most accurate, in-depth information about the best performing remote control vibrators on the market.

How did we choose these exact products? After spending more than 170 hours doing this in-depth research, we covered every single aspect you should carefully consider before you choose your wireless vibrator.After all, you need something that will get the job done, right ?

Here’s how we created our research :

Based on real people’s opinions and experiences
Comparing different products and their characteristics
  • Design of the sex toys
  • Battery life and type for best performance
  • Can it be controlled by phone applications, are there Virtual Reality (VR) options to use in combination with my toy
  • Materials of the sex toys
  • Noise level of the vibrators
  • Power
  • Range
  • Price info + comparison with other products on the market

Adding the positive and negative features of each deviceAre the wireless remote control vibrators worth it ?
The sex toy industry is known for the low quality of most products manufactured and the high price of the ones that will really work as promised. Unfortunately, this especially relates to wireless vibrators, as you can’t rely on constant electrical power. Will a wireless remote controlled toy give you the pleasure needed, will it be enough for you?

The answers to these questions depend on your goals and personal expectations, whether you need clitoral or vaginal stimulation and how much you are willing to pay. In other words, we are talking about combinations of different features, intensity levels, design, connectivity and multiple other aspects you need to carefully consider if you are decided to buy a wireless toy.

Are they worth it ?

Yes, in case you spend some time doing profound research.

No, if you buy the first vibrator that popped up on your screen and you just hope for a happy coincidence to receive both powerful and good quality vibration.Bluetooth or Wi-Fi vibrator ?
Bluetooth is a short-range radio technology, allowing you and your partner to use your sex gadget when you located only a short distance away.

Your partner can easily tease you from the other room or can enjoy your reactions during intercourse or even after that. Wi-Fi is the newest, smartest version of wireless connecting – it allows you to be connected (via the Internet) and the vibrators can be controlled from anywhere around the world. This option is the preferred one as it works from both shorter and long distance away. The only thing you need is an uninterrupted Internet connection and you are ready to play!Vibrating panties
Have you heard of vibrating underwear? This is one of the sexiest ways to tease your girlfriend!

Vibrating panty is basically panty holding a small bullet vibrator, which is remote controlled.

The thrilling sensation these panties provoke is fun while shopping, watch a movie or go a long walk.

Most women consider vibrating panties a huge turn on knowing that they are completely incapable to control their experience. Their partners are usually the ones who choose the patterns and intensity of the vibration, which is a nice way to heat up your relationship.Reviews of the best remote control vibrator models

Lovense Lush

In other words, this is what most women dream of – intense powerful internal stimulation. The performance of this couples vibrator is so impressive that you just need to try the entire experience!

Lovense Lush can be connected by Bluetooth and controlled by a phone application. You can enjoy the orgasmic pulsations wherever you are, without anyone knowing about your dirty little secret!

What’s more Lovense now offers a brand new technology inside the device! Bluetooth provides a better connectivity, respectively wider control range. The motor is bigger, compared to the previous version, which means considerably more intense pulsations.

The simultaneous stimulation of both the G-spot and the clitoris offers a fulfilling experience very few sex toys are able to provide.

remote vibrators

The plaything can be easily connected and controlled from anywhere around the world – you just need to have an Internet connection. You can use it with Android, iPhone, Mac or Windows PC after installing the Lovense application. This will let you choose between unlimited vibration patterns or even adjust your plaything to the beat of your favorite songs, which is an option no other device provides!

remote control vibrators

Unlike most remote control vibrators on the market, this one is considerably more silent. According to many women who have tried it, this is due to the fact that Lovense Lush is inserted internally. Your body ‘absorbs’ the vibrations in a way that you shouldn’t even worry at all about the noise level or other people knowing what you are doing.

The remote control allows you or your partner to control the device from both short and long distance. Moreover, if you and your friend have this pleasure plaything, one person can control both devices, which is super fun in case you are open for shared adventures!

It is super easy! You or your partner control the vibrations through the touchscreen on the application. By sliding your finger around you can accelerate, back off, and change the pattern of pulsations. Don’t forget about the arousal he or she experiences, knowing exactly how good you feel. And it is all up to your partner to decide whether to keep teasing you or finish you off!

Now, let’s proceed to the main characteristics of Lovense Lush 2

When inserting the device for the first time, we recommend doing so where no one can see your reactions, as the most intense pulsations might not be OK for public use, unless you are very good at holding your moans.Esthesia by Vibease
The medical definition of Esthesia is sensibility if you know what I mean. This is an ultimate classic design, combined with powerful performance for internal and external stimulation, this is exactly what Esthesia offers. The only difference between other rabbit vibrators and this vibrator is that you can use Esthesia while there is a remote distance between you and your lover. Say you have to attend your business trip in Paris but your partner stays in Boston. This means 10 days without sexual interaction for both of you, such a shame, right?

Well, not if you have Esthesia – you just need to connect your vibrator using Bluetooth. For your partner, he or she has to set up a connection to your phone over the Internet through the Vibease app. While both your phones are connected to the Internet, you can enjoy surprise stimulations and explosive orgasms, while your partner.. well, he or she can only imagine what you are experiencing.

By the way, the conception for such provocative, teasing sensation will make your partner aroused as well. And the remote distance between you may actually warm up your relationship!

Now let’s see Esthesia’s performance!
 OhMiBod Fuse Powered by Kiiroo
Do you feel that sometimes you lack inspiration? Because OhMiBod Fuse is the gadget that will certainly inspire you at least to the point you climax.

What makes OhMiBod Fuse so special? The additional features no other vibrator offers!

Whether you are playing solo or you let someone to control your orgasm remotely, you will be able to experience Fuse’s touch-sensitive technology. It allows you to control your partner’s toy at the touch of your finger.

The device is intended for bi-directional control, which means that either of you will be able to control the pulsations.

Good news for the owners of other Kiiroo sex toys – the OhMiBod Fuse can be easily synchronized with the other Kiiroo products adult play.

Additionally, it can be connected and controlled by the Kiitro app for Android and iPhone, which lets you regulate the device from your mobile.

And in case you’d like to additionally boost your experience, your plaything can be easily connected to webcams, encoded videos or even VR (Virtual Reality)!

OhMiBod Fuse allows you to share your special moments with your partner no matter the remote distance between you!

What are OhMiBod Fuse features?

Aesthetic appeal

OhMiBod Fuse is a perfectly shaped toy intended to provide the amount of stimulation needed exactly where you need it. The vibrator is available in a classy black color.

The overall length is 7.1-inches (180mm) and the diameter of the insertable part is 1.3-inches (34mm). The clit attachment is flexible and soft 2-inches long (51mm)

Battery Life

A single charge takes around 2 hours;

Use With Or Without Apps

Both options are possible, as OhMiBod Fuse is app controlled and you also have the option to manipulate with your device via Bluetooth. Super easy to use!

Virtual Reality (VR)

Yes, the device also provides multiple other options for connecting: Lovense Ambi
a.k.a. The most versatile remote bullet vibrator

This sexy little thing can be easily programmed to perform gentle to super-strong stimulation, so it is a suitable option for starters to experts. It is designed to fit perfectly into the most delicate curves in women’s bodies and is a perfect addition to foreplay, solo stimulation or in different positions to enhance your pleasure.

This bullet offers intense pinpoint stimulation – you can place the small tip on the clitoris and enjoy the explosive patterns of vibrations. You can also use it for the entire vulva when applying the broad side of the toy.

Your super discreet toy comes with a 1-year guarantee, which we do appreciate, as in the world of sex toys manufacturers rarely provide options, promising to repair or replace a particular product within a specified period of time.

This remote control sex toy allows you to no longer rely on your partner’s performance when it comes to your sexual satisfaction. Lovense Ambi will take care of that. The versatile design, multiple settings, and speeds, compact shape, convenience and optimal level of discretion will give you the independence you always needed!

But if you’d like to share your pleasurable experience, feel free to let your partner enjoy the pulsations of your pocket-sized toy. He will certainly enjoy your nasty play, especially if you let him control your body! He can program your toy using the 10 different patterns and 3 vibration modes by simply connecting it to Lovense Ambi app.OhMiBod Esca Powered by Kiiroo
This is another Kiiroo’s invention, intended to enrich your sex life. After unpacking your plaything, you can download the OhMiBod remote app, which is available on Google PlayStore for Android and AppStore foriOS. You can easily control your device using your phone, tablet, Bluetooth range or over WiFi.

You can also connect your sex toy with anyone who has a Kiiroo interactive remote device, which can resolve in a very naughty option in case you are willing to use your imagination.

Let’s not forget the LED light at the base of the bullet toy. It is intended for visual display of the vibrations, which makes it very easy to control!

Note that the Esca is only splashproof, not waterproof, which is an aspect many reviewers consider negative!


The design of this Esca bullet vibrator is very classy, it perfectly fits on the G-spot area while you can use the attachment for clitoral stimulation.Vibease Remote Control Vibrator
This vibrator can be with you wherever you are. Just slip it inside your undergarment and enjoy your orgasmic working day, or walk in the park, dinner at a fancy restaurant or whatever you prefer. Vibease Remote Control Vibrator is a sex gadget, which can make your everyday routine both fun and pleasure, some of the boring, yet obligatory activities will no longer be something you would skip!
[Vibease effect]

This comfortable, kinky thing is specially designed to hit your G-spot, while the vibrator remains steadily in place and you don’t need to worry about it!

Of course, you can use it for much more than a solo play – you can enjoy the rhythm of pulsations during intercourse if you are more advanced, you can enjoy it during penetrative sex.

You can also let him tease you from everywhere around the world (as with similar vibrators, this one works with a mobile application which, after being synchronized, can control the intensity and the patterns of pulsations) or you can synchronize it with your favorite erotic books (you can also choose from the app library).We-Vibe Sync
or N1 vibrator for couples

We-Vibe sync or the toy, specially designed for you and your partner to enhance your mutual pleasure. If you are looking for more intense, wild experience, this is the right option for you! Unlike most vibrators, which are only intended for females, this one is made to provide more pleasure for both partners!

The purpose of this fancy wearable vibrator is to stimulate the clitoral and the G-spot area, while you both experience the strong pulsations and patterns of vibration.

We-Vibe Sync is one of the best customizable sex toys that you can adjust to fit perfectly on the exact spots needed – the clitoral attachment can be used with more or less pressure, according to your personal preferences and you can also adjust the insertable part of the device. What a world we share, right?

This small miracle technology Sync will stay still even if you are a very wild in bed! It won’t change its position, nor will it interrupt your sensual experience, the device is made to make your sex life hotter and more intense than ever!Tracey Cox Supersex Love Egg

A normal egg vibrator, you say ?

No, this one is more special. What makes is unique is that it can be controlled from a remote distance (compared to common egg toys, some of which still using cords!) You can enjoy multiple patterns and vibe modes and this small little thing will really impress you with its’ powerful performance!

This egg vibrator is 100% wearable, you need to insert it and you are ready for your nasty cinema experience or exciting dinner. The remote allows your partner to control what’s inside you from a 10-meter radius, without your dirty little secret being suspected (the toy is indeed silent when inserted).

It is perfect to get you in the mood (during intercourse) you can use it for clitoral stimulation – just apply the sex toy to your clitoris and you’ll know what I’m talking about

If you are a more adventurous lady, why not using the egg while he penetrates you from behind?Supersex Love Egg shape
This egg-shaped wearable vibrator allows you to bring it with you wherever you go! The classic design, available in luxury black will impress you with its super intense pulsations. The egg is 3 inches in length and 4.5 inches in circumference – a perfectly fitting device to make your experience fulfilling emotions that you won’t forget anytime soon.

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