Titus Silicone Series Large Butt Anal Plug

Sometimes, it’s really nice just to review something very simple. Butt plugs are one of those anal toys that I just don’t review enough of, so lets change that and bring you a brand new butt plug review to kick off the final May bank holiday weekend.

As you may or may not know, we were in touch with UK based LGBT retailer Clone Zone, who sent us out a batch of goodies to review. So far, we’ve reviewed another product from their Titus range – the  8″ Dildo – and we liked it. Also included in our little box of goodies was this cute little plug. So without further a do, let’s just get straight down to it?

The Titus Silicone Series Large Butt Plug was sent to us free of charge in exchange for our honest review by Clone Zone. No affiliate links are used within this post. First Impressions
Like the dildo, the Titus Plug comes inside the easy-to-open style plastic clamshell packaging. The plug is made from 100% silicone, and has a lovely, soft texture – this is how I expect silicone to feel. It made me wish that the dildo was as silky as this – there’s little to no drag whatsoever. Awesome! This is the ‘Large’ plug, although I have to say, i’ve definitely seen bigger – this feels more like a medium to me… but I digress.

The plug measures a total length of 4.75 inches, with an insertable length of 4.25 inches. At it’s widest point, the plug is 5 inches in circumference, whilst the stem is 2.5 inches in circumference. It’s your ‘classic’ butt plug shape – a tapered conical tip with a thin stem to ‘grip’ on to. The base is a T-Bar style with a slight curve, to allow maximum comfort when worn. There’s nothing worse than a rounded base on a plug – I much prefer these T-Bar style bases.In Use
Truth be told, I don’t really use butt plugs all that often. The reason? I don’t really know. I guess it’s just not something I find myself going for when rattling around my huge trunks of toys. However, after using this one, I can definitely see their use, and will be endeavouring to include them in my play sessions more often.

Firstly, they are great ‘training’ tools. A few hours a day wearing a plug will get you ready to tackle those bigger, larger toys you’ve had your eye on. Or, if you’ve been wanting to try anal sex, a plug allows you to warm up and relax at your own pace before you attempt the main event. In this instance, whilst the plug is not the largest toy I own, it’s definitely a good starting point for when I want to start tackling those larger girth toys.

Insertion is incredibly easy, and I was able to slip the plug in with little effort. The base sits flush between my cheeks and at no point did it feel intrusive or uncomfortable. I was able to move around without fear of it popping out, or getting in the way. At this point, what you do is entirely up to you – but there are so many things you can do. Have you ever done the housework with a plug in? I have. Have you ever done the shopping with a plug in? I have. There’s something so thrilling about using a plug whilst you are doing something so banal and ordinary. It certainly makes things far more interesting – and with a plug this comfortable and easy to use, I will certainly be doing it more often. Trip to the gym later? Now there’s an idea… Although I will say, this is when I most likely consider douching an absolute necessity for me, if it’s going to be worn for an extended period.

They are also fantastic to use during sex and masturbation. As someone who considers themselves versatile, it’s a whole new level of pleasure when you have a plug inside you, and then you have someone riding you. With each thrust of your hips, not only are you getting pleasure round the front, your back door is getting a lot of action too. It certainly leads to some explosive and knee-trembling orgasms. And it’s just as fun to slip a plug in during masturbation. It’s far easier and less involved then getting yourself ready to ride a dildo.

For when you do want to ramp up the sensations even more, I strongly suggest grabbing hold of a magic wand vibrator, if you don’t have one already. Holding that on full power at the base of the plug whilst it’s inserted had my eyes rolling back into my skull and shuddering with delight. But that’s the only time it ever really does anything for my prostate. But you know what, I don’t mind – I have other things for that. It certainly has turned things up a notch elsewhere. And that’s really cool. And the best part? It’s dead cheap as well. A Good, well made silicone plug for under £13. Bargain.Clean-up and Maintenance
As we should all know by now, silicone is SO EASY TO CLEAN. There is no excuse. Boil it. Bleach It. Put it in the dishwasher (just remember to take last nights plates out first). Or just swish it under the tap with some warm water and a good spritz of toy cleaner. If you do choose to wear your plug for an extended period, you may find that it will start to hold on to butt odour. This is not a fault of the product, it’s just how silicone works. Whilst it cannot hold onto things like bacteria, odours can still seep into the product (just like with your silicone products you use in the kitchen). Thankfully, Dangerous Lilly has gathered some suggestions on how you can freshen up your toy if this happens. Although thankfully, so far, this hasn’t happened to be yet.

Storage is even easier too – either pop it back in it’s little case OR just throw it in the drawer with everything else and it will be fine! See, simple! Summary
I love reviews like this, where the product is so simple, but effective – the words just flow. If you are looking for a simple plug that you can use as a training/warm-up aid – or just something to make your next trip to Tesco a little more exciting, you can’t go wrong with this plug. It’s soft, silky and well made. And it’s a bargain as well. I love it so much, i’m wearing it now. And it’s delicious!Where To Buy
You can grab your Titus Silicone Series Large Butt Plug from Clone Zone Direct for just

Too big? Don’t worry – Clone Zone sell a small and medium sized plug, as well as a set with all three sizes. Readers of The Big Gay Review can also save 10% off their orders at Clone Zone with code

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